I’m seriously considering bringing Becky back.

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❝Was that not correct? I just assumed… Especially with the Bible you have sitting on your desk and the verses on your little bulletin board. Plus, from what I could make of your wardrobe, it doesn’t exactly scream ‘I’m a wild time!’❞


❝Well, I suppose it is correct, I do like to dress appropriately and have faith… I’ve just never heard the term before? But I can have fun! I mean, I guess I’m not “wild” per say… but I can be fun. Just not during school, that’s learning time and much more important.❞

❝What about you? Are you someone who is a “wild time” like you said?❞

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❝Since we’ve finally settled in, I think now would be the perfect time to get to know each other better as roommates. What do you say, little Miss Clean Teen? Would you be open to that?❞


❝Miss Clean Teen? I’ve never heard that one before.❞

❝I would absolutely be open to getting to know one another better, especially since we’ll be living together for a little while.❞

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As requested by anonymous. This gif hunt includes #278 HQ gifs of Sarah Fisher. None of these gifs are above 1mb and none were made by me. I apologise in advance for any repeats or gifs over 1mb that may have slipped through. If any gif belongs to you and you wish it to not be in here please let me know. Please like and/or reblog if this helps you in anyway!  



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I have moved my blog to a new url http://beckybaker.co.vu. Powered By http://codotvu.com

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Hey there! I’m a returning Becky Baker floater seeking partners to roleplay with! Mostly, I’d LOVE to have some of the following:

  • Becky/Adam 
  • Becky/Jake
  • Becky/Jenna
  • Becky/Imogen
  • Becky/Fitz
  • Becky/Eli
  • Becky/Fiona

Buuuuut I’m also pretty open to give ships a shot if I think we’ll click! 

I’m willing to show you sample paras privately so long as you don’t steal or share them, and I’m fairly active. If you’re interested, please contact me here or IM me at becksbaker@aim!


I look forward to RPing with you!

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